Maya Wrap Helps Me Eat Breakfast

As most new moms know, it’s a struggle sometimes just to eat a meal.  You’re in even more trouble if you think you’re going to get some housework done if your little won’t let you put him down for more than a few minutes.  I was definitely struggling with this the first few weeks I was on my own at home.  I wasn’t so sure about sticking Tanner in a pocket, but the Maya wrap ended up being super helpful.  The little guy is getting not so little and I’m hoping my back/shoulders will be able to keep it up.


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  1. friend Says:

    This mama Loves the maya wrap too! Protect your back, shoulder and neck by spreading the fabric over your shoulder (in your photo, it is scrunched up by your neck — which really hurts after a while). It will better distribute baby’s weight. Good luck to you.

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