8 Month Little Dumpling

July 31st, 2013 by theshinylife

My little dumpling is 8 months old this week.  I’ve barely shared any photos or stories here.  There have been many times that I’ve thought about something I’ve learned or something that I want to learn that I should post about, but honestly, I’ve just been too tired.  It’s a terrible excuse.  My other excuse is that with such little free time, I’d rather spend it with my little dumpling than doing anything else.  What can I say, I’m in love.  Well, I’m hopefully getting back in the game starting with some pics of my tiny love.




{Will he be a coffee lover too??!}



{Can’t believe we’ve all traded in Saturday nights at the club for Sunday brunch with the kids!}


{He loves his daddy!}


{Check out those stunnas}


{A scene from Hangover? }


{Eatings lots of good food!  Will share favorite baby recipes soon.}


{Sitting up for his 6 Month photo!}


10 Signs You Are Asian American and Went to UCLA Back in the Day

July 29th, 2013 by theshinylife


The recent article on Buzzfeed made me think about what I really miss about my UCLA days.  And it made me realize that many other Asian Americans that were Bruins “back in the day” may miss these same fond memories.  Or maybe you experienced them with me…sorry if I told you a lame joke when I was buzzed.

10.  You’ve watched (or were in) Hip Hop…ACA Hip Hop or KSA Hip Hop or NSU Hip Hop to be more specific.  Those were some of the only times I ever went to Royce Hall.

9.  You’ve gotten mad at people for not taking off their shoes before coming in to your dorm.  Sure, it’s the same carpet as the hallway, but it’s YOUR room!  Be respectful.

8.  You’ve eaten a cheap, delicious combo at New Japan.  Wasn’t it like $7 or something??

7.  You’ve danced on the tables at Miyagis.  That place was so sad looking for awhile after I graduated and now it’s a Pink Taco.

6.  You lived south of Wilshire.  Seriously, you got the most bang for your buck the further you lived from Westwood.  And you probably put up a fake wall to turn a dining room into a bedroom at some point (or knew someone who lived in a makeshift bedroom).

5.  You skipped class to hang out on Bruin Walk or Treetop.  It was THE place to see and be seen.  Do kids still kick it there?  Do they still say “kick it”?

4.  You bought late night boba at Relaxtation on Sawtelle.  How could this place have closed??  It was the first boba place on the west side that I know of.  Actually, you probably went to Hurry Curry on Sawtelle too…way before all these foodie joints they have now.  We still drive by and look at the spot where Relaxtation was located thinking back to it fondly.

3.  Since we’re talking about Sawtelle, you probably snuck through the Karaoke place into Cafe Muse for a sake bomb before you were 21.  Cafe Muse is a classic that I’ll never get to take my kids to.

2.  You watched people dance in circles at an AGC party.  Just admit you went to them.

Last, but not least:

1.  If nothing else on this list, you definitely went to UCLA back in the day if you have ever been to Q’s on a Thursday night!  Drove all the way to Pasadena??  Waited in line??  Danced in that cage??  For sure.

I’m sure I’m missing much more.  What did you do back in the day?  Maybe studying should have been on this list somewhere.

Valentine Friendship Bracelets

February 14th, 2013 by theshinylife

Valentine’s isn’t just for lovers…it’s for friends too!  And everyone else that you love in your life.  This year we’re so lucky to have our little new loved one and he wanted to share his love with the many friends he has.  With 3 good friends having babies the same year last year and then many more having them in 2013, there was a lot to celebrate.  Tanner decided to confirm their friendship with festive Valentine friendship bracelets…even for the boys!  We didn’t have enough time (in between feedings, poopings and rockings) to make them for all, but we’ll try more festive crafts this year to spread the love.  Happy hearts day!

Handmade friendship bracelets for Valentines.

All wrapped up and ready to go

Wishing he could hand deliver them to his friends.  Cheers!

Maya Wrap Helps Me Eat Breakfast

February 6th, 2013 by theshinylife

As most new moms know, it’s a struggle sometimes just to eat a meal.  You’re in even more trouble if you think you’re going to get some housework done if your little won’t let you put him down for more than a few minutes.  I was definitely struggling with this the first few weeks I was on my own at home.  I wasn’t so sure about sticking Tanner in a pocket, but the Maya wrap ended up being super helpful.  The little guy is getting not so little and I’m hoping my back/shoulders will be able to keep it up.